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The Long Beach City Council will be taking up 2 very critical issues related to tenants and housing. The first is an extension of the emergency eviction moratorium that prohibits tenants from being evicted if they have been impacted by COVID-19. The second, is asking for a moratorium on non-primary residence short term rentals.

Will you send a letter to the Mayor and City Council letting them know we must protect tenants and housing in Long Beach?

As a majority-renter city, Long Beach was already facing a severe housing crisis before COVID. Now the housing crisis has become a housing catastrophe for many. We must ensure people are able to comply with the “Safe at Home” order by not losing their home. We must also prevent our already inadequate housing stock from being cannibalized by short term rentals, which would cast even more pressure on the extremely unstable housing market.

We’ve pre-drafted a comment letter that you can edit (if you’d like) and send over to the Mayor and City Council.

Your help now will help change lives Tuesday. Take 1 minute and send a letter.

Thank you,

Victor Sanchez
Director, The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community
Member, Housing Justice Coalition #HealthyLB

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