Our Demands

Long Beach renters, workers, unhoused residents, undocumented residents, seniors, and other vulnerable community members need immediate action.

The COVID-19 global pandemic and its unprecedented health, economic, and social impacts have taught us that we are all interconnected and that our lives and livelihoods depend on #SocialSolidarity with dignity for all. This public health crisis has exacerbated long-standing inequities in our city and has made already vulnerable communities exponentially more vulnerable. Now more than ever, renters, workers, unhoused residents, undocumented residents, seniors, and persons with disabilities need safety and relief. Now is NOT the time for half-steps or hesitation. Now is the time for action to protect the most vulnerable. When we protect the most vulnerable, we protect everyone-not only for the present crisis but also for the future health of our city and global society.

Additionally, while initiatives have been launched none speak to the particular needs of the Black community. The disproportionate and deadly impact of COVID-19 on the Black community such as 21% of the hospitalizations in Long Beach being Black while Black people only make up 13% of the population magnifies what we have known, that “underlying conditions” result from an enduring system of racial apartheid and oppression. Interlocking economic, political, and social injustices collide with long-standing patterns of medical racism to make COVID-19 a Black issue that demands a response specific to the needs of the Black community.

To address the demands a significant share of stimulus and public funding must be earmarked as grants for the Black community and ongoing program funding should be redirected from police and law enforcement budgets to provide resources that bring real public safety.  Included are both immediate demands and long-term demands, necessary to eradicate the underlying conditions that are at the root of the disproportionate impact.

Healthy Long Beach Coalition calls for…

(Please click links below for more information on individual demands.)

Universal Demands (click for more info):

  1. Substantial and Sufficient City Funding for the Long Beach COVID-19 Undocumented Community Relief Fund 
  2. An End to All ICE Enforcement and Detention
  3. City Staffing and Resources to Ensure Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Residents Have Access to all COVID-19 Updates, City Services, Vital Documents, and Public Meetings in Their Primary Language

Demands for Black Lives Matter (click for more info):

  1. Testing, Public Health, and Patient Rights
  2. Education and Families
  3. Support for Black Workers and Small Business Owners
  4. Public Safety
  5. Criminal Justice Reform
  6. Transportation
  7. Other Resources

Demands for Housed Residents (click for more info):

  1. Rent Forgiveness and Advocacy for Mortgage Suspension
  2. Anti-Harassment Tenant Policy
  3. Right-To-Counsel for Tenants
  4. A New City Housing Department With Dedicated Rental Housing Division
  5. Moratorium on All Evictions 
  6. Continued Moratorium on Utility Shut-offs and Utility Payment Forgiveness
  7. Ban on Short-Term Rentals

Demands for Unhoused Residents (click for more info):

  1. Use of Hotels, Motels, and Other Non-Congregate/Single-Occupancy Spaces to Shelter Unhoused Residents
  2. Additional Service, Sanitation, Outreach, and Resources for Unhoused Residents
  3. Ban on Sweeps of Informal Settlements Across the City
  4. Use of the City’s Emergency Powers to Commandeer All Vacant Properties and Units to House Unhoused Residents

Demands for Working Families and Workers (click for more info):

  1. Direct Cash Assistance to the Lowest-Income Families
  2. 14 Days Paid Sick Leave for All Workers and Ban on Retaliation
  3. Just Cause, Right of Recall, and Worker Retention Protections
  4. Workplace Health and Safety, Especially Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Demands for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (click for more info):

  1. On-site Services in All Housing for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, Including Nutritious Meals and Mobile and Digital Technology
  2. Protection for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities in Long-Term Care Facilities

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